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Imagine you’re a member of a rock band. A band so influential, that your work created an entirely new genre. A genre which defined contemporary music for a whole generation of listeners. Then, imagine that despite extraordinary critical and popular acclaim, your band broke up. Imagine that your band’s disappearance actually increased its legend and influence to the point that popular demand forced you to reunite. And after a 13 year hiatus, your band became more popular than ever before. Now imagine, 14 years after returning to the scene, you’re back in the studio recording a new album, to build on your legacy and take your place at the forefront of the genre you created. Imagine – you are a member - of the Pixies.

Signal Co. No1 presents Past Is Prologue, Pixies, a 12 part documentary podcast series scrutinizing, in intimate detail, the creative process of alternative / indie rock pioneers, and one of the most influential bands in contemporary music, the Pixies. Tony Fletcher, acclaimed music journalist and author of the definitive books on The Who, The Smiths and R.E.M., is our guide, as he settles into 3 enlightening weeks at Dreamland Studios near Woodstock, NY to witness the Pixies create their forthcoming album.

Through his intimate daily conversations with individual band members and their co-conspirator, Producer Tom Dalgety, Tony uncovers the fascinating details of their song-writing process. When combined with his forensic examination of the band’s past, Tony discovers the Pixies’ creative ambition and drive remain as relevant, fierce – and weird – as ever.


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